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The BUSINESS plan was developed for you to take full advantage of a billing system and customer management. In it, at no charge, are included all the features necessary to do so.

However, weoInvoice is constantly developing new features that bring additional value to the daily use of the platform, making the system more robust and identified with what is the reality of your business and market needs. All these are available at the EXCLUSIVE plan.

Totally free

Optional modules

+0€ / month
This solution allows the use of weoInvoice in POS mode.
It has an independent interface, suitable for use in POS, thus promoting maximum usability and profitability for direct selling business to the public.
It may be complemented, to extend its functionality, with:
Exclusive: to create 24 articles POS, integrate with billing automation and series and get an extended POS configuration.
weoStock: to integrate with stock management and synchronize with POS products.

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+4€ / month
This solution includes adapting a new format for document output. This service allows the printing of documents on bead printers, regardless of their bead width or printer. Changing the layout of the documents is subject to a set of rules imposed by the AT in order to guarantee weoInvoice certification.
Offer: weoLogo
+4€ / month
This solution consists of an integrated customer relationship management in weoInvoice.
In this way, you can qualify Leads, Opportunities, Clients and manage activities with these entities through a personal agenda of tasks for each system user.
This module introduces specific indicators as the opportunities funnel.
Offer: weoLogo

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+6€ / month
This solution consists of an integrated inventory management system in weoInvoice.
In this way, you can Manage Products, Stocks, Banks and Providers, introducing automatically Products in creating invoices and other documents.
The weoStock offers new analytical indicators and new products reports.
Offer: weoLogo
Extension: PURCHASES (+4€/mo)

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+10€ / month
This tool allows controllers to record, execute, monitor, document and audit all obligations under the GDPR. This is a step towards compliance with the Regulation, which enters into force on 25 May 2018.

Customized solutions

from 20€ / month
Communication Platform with Third-Party Systems
This solution includes the custom development of a webservice with a set of methods that allow weoInvoice to communicate with external computer systems. In this way you can enjoy your current computer system and invoice integrating all the features of weoInvoice.
Module tailored to your business
This solution includes the design and custom development of features to add to weoInvoice. These functionalities may include the creation of new modules as well as the adaptation of existing modules, such as the creation of a project management system, tickets, human resources, alerts, among others.

Particular Conditions

1.1 The subscription is made through email
1.2 The subscription of any service confirms the acceptance of the terms and conditions expressed herein in addition to the weoInvoice Use License.
2.1 The system will remain housed on the same server where weoInvoice is located.
2.2 The customer can use the customized system at a specific weoInvoice address or have access through a specific domain that he wants to use (ex:
3.1 All payments or renewals of payments are made considering the annual cycle of use (1 January to 31 December).
3.2 The calculation unit is the month.
3.3 Customers with new subscriptions will pay for subscribed services from the beginning of the current month until 31 December of the current year, unless if subscribed from 1 September. In this case the first cycle will be from the date of subscription until 31 December of the following year.
3.4 Service renewals for the following year shall occur between 1 December and 31 December of each year.
3.5 The non-renewal of the service implies the suspension of the account and its subscribed service.
3.6 The delayed renewal of the services have an additional cost of 25,00€.
3.7 To all values presented in this document, VAT is added at the legal rate.
4.1 The weoLogo, weoPrint and weoCRM modules may be canceled and removed from an account at the end of each annual cycle.
4.2 The weoStock modules, the Exclusive plan and their extensions can not be canceled and removed from an account, since they involve functionalities, data structures and their data that, by being communicated to AT, can not be eliminated or disabled. The non-renewal of these services implies the cancellation of the account.
4.3 If you wish to cancel your account, you will have access to it for 7 days in order to remove all relevant information and data. After this period the account is definitely deleted.
5.1 Depending on the complexity of the required customization, the solution is made available immediately or by setting an implementation deadline, after payment or confirmation of payment.
6.1 Customer support in the use of the system will be given through the same channels provided by weoInvoice, indicated in

Other services
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This is a system that is constantly evolving and you are an essential part in this evolution.
We are fully available to find partners so we can grow together.
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